Pickleball and Fundraising

Pickleball and Fundraising
Participating in a Pickleball Fundraising Event makes you feel good. That's what giving will do to you. We need to organize more Pickleball fundraising events so that more players can feel good whether they win or lose at the game.  
I worked in the non-profit sector for several years. I developed, organized, and managed community programs and fundraising efforts at the local, state, regional, and national levels at the  American Heart Association.

Later, I had started a business in my garage Kennon Products
I started playing Pickleball thirty years later when I stopped going to the office. I play mainly for the fresh air and sunshine and social interaction. The experience has been priceless.  

I have never lost my passion for event fundraising. Giving makes a person feel good. It's what the world needs now. More Pickleball fund raising events and more opportunities to give. 

Playing with a purpose.
My best,

Ron Kensey, Owner

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