Q makes efficient use of courts. Q is perfect for a two-day event (3 hours each day) with plenty of time for a social event to add value.

There is a need to better organize round-robin play especially for recreational, social and special event fundraising events. The uses and combinations of this court-side tool are endless!

Organize a Q™ event that meets the needs and capabilities of you players. You don’t have to play 5 rounds (15 games) Make your first event a tw

You need 4 courts and one Q™ board for every 16 players. The size of an event is limited by the number of available courts.  Orders are boxed with 3 Erasable Q boards with erasable markers.  One board is needed for every four courts.

Yes, and Q™ is quicker to organize than a fish fry. .  A three round event can usually be completed in two hours..

It's  up to you, the organizer. If you have 12 courts you’ll have enough for 3 Q™ boards. You could designate one Q™ for advanced, one for intermediate, and one for the aspiring player.

Check out our Q™ Tips Blog for new tips & tricks. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.