New Pickleball Event Format Wins Points With Players

New Pickleball Event Format Wins Points With Players

Most pickleball events are structured so that winners move up and losers move down or go home.  A common problem is that unless you are winning, then your not playing. At least as not much as you had hoped after taking the time to plan and prepare for the event. 

There is a new format for pickleball events called Pickleball Q.  Players are guaranteed to play five rounds (15 games). 

Players are placed in groups of sixteen by skill level. They partner once with each of the other fifteen players in the group. There are five rounds of three games per round.

Game scores are recorded courtside on a sheet of paper. At the end of the round, each players scores are totaled and recorded on the Pickleball Scoreboard.


Four courts are necessary for every Q of sixteen players. 

All players competes in the event until the end of regular play. The four players with the most points compete in the finals.  

Players play more pickleball and compete in the event until the end.  The Pickleball Q board keeps track of player’s court assignments, match-ups and scores. The Q Scorebard is current and visible for players and spectators to see. 

The Pickleball Q Board keeps players and spectators in the game as the excitement builds for an exciting finish. 










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  • Hi there, how does the scoring work with this Q format? What points do you get after any one game?

    David on
  • Like system

    Joe Harris on
  • Very close to what I’ve been doing for over 2 years with 16 players, but this may even be better! Thank you!

    Val Oliver on

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